Myths and truths about Branding and Design

There are several myths about Branding that we want to demystified today. Did you know that Branding and Identity DO NOT mean the same thing?

Discover everything about this topic with 4por4: 

1 - Branding and visual identity are synonymous

Myth. Branding and Visual Identity do not mean the same thing.

Branding includes everything that a brand represents, from its purpose to its positioning in the market. On the other hand, visual identity is focused on the visual representation of the brand. Branding is the entire management of the brand, a process where everything that represents it is defined, from the name, slogans, image and strategies.

Visual identity is one of the points that branding includes, and concerns the entire brand image: the logo, icon, graphics, stationary, gifts, and all other visual supports.


2 - Branding and Design have no connection whatsoever

Myth. Branding builds the entire field of strategy and representation of a brand, but it is the design that translates the message most effectively.

It is easier for the public to understand the message through the image, colors and shapes. Design is part of Visual Identity, which is one of the points included in Branding.


3 - Branding can help increase sales

True. Investment in Branding by a company generates numerous benefits for brands, in addition to increased sales.

In addition to helping to increase direct and indirect sales, branding also helps to build customer loyalty and, consequently, reduce investments in advertising and other marketing actions. This is because its consumers become loyal to the brand, defending it and creating a spontaneous network of contacts.


4 - Branding is only for big companies

Myth. Branding is for everyone who wants to define a strategic plan, their own identity and differentiation from the competition, and this includes large, medium and small companies.

Due to the possibility of there being fewer resources in small and medium-sized companies, investment in branding may not be a priority from the outset, however this investment guarantees the alignment and positioning of the brand, making it gain prominence and reputation, increasing the chances of success and growth.



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