Difference between Typography and Font

It sounds complicated, but it is actually very simple.

It is very common to use the words Typography and Font to express the same thing. Let’s demystify the reason for this to happen and understand what the difference between the two terms.

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What is typography? 

The meaning of Typography is “printing of types”.

Considering that most of today's writing is done digitally, this term gradually disappeared in its original form, and by Typography we understand the art, study and process of creation in the composition and printing of a text, both physical and digital.

In other words, Typography is the design of types: the letters, the numbers and the characters.

The purpose of Typography is to give structure and shape to writing. Types need to be well crafted to work in a set, to obtain good readability.

Typography consists of the most diverse possibilities of letter fonts, which can vary greatly from one another

What is a font? 

We can just call it Font, or Typographic Font. A Font is a group of types. It is a composition or collection of characters with the same drawing style and attributes that form a visually coherent set.

It is the set that we define for the text. We all know the Arial font, for example.

Fonts are divided into four distinct groups:

  1. Serif (com serifa)
  2. Sans Serif (sem serifa)
  3. Script (simula a escrita à mão)
  4. Display (fontes artísticas)


Furthermore, fonts are also characterized by typographic families: the set of variations within a typography, that is:

- Light; Regular; Semi bold; Bold; Black; Itálico; Condensado; Estendido.


When we research a new font to apply to a project/text, it is important to confirm that the font has a complete typographic family that answer all needs. 

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