What feelings and thoughts do colors transmit to us?

In marketing and design, every detail matters so that the service or product impacts the consumer in a certain way...

Colors play a significant role in the development of a brand or product, influencing how the consumer will interpret and interact. 

Colors psychology studies human behavior in relation to colors, what feelings and emotions each color causes and what actions each one of them drives. 

In this article we will detail a little more. 


So, according to the interpretation given by psychology, warm colors tend to essentially transmit energy, activity and enthusiasm and, on the other hand, cold colors are linked to reasoning, professionalism and a feeling of calm. 

But after all, what does each color mean and what does each color convey to us? 


Pink covers a wide range of interpretations. This color can be separated into light tones and dark tones for different interpretations.

What transmits? 

Soft pink: delicacy, romanticism and innocence;

Hot pink: modern, attracts attention, charm, elegance;

Both are linked to the feminine and childish, triggering feelings of sweetness and companionship.

Examples:  Victoria's secret, Barbie, Dunkin’ donuts.


Purple is seen as a noble color that commands respect and gives the idea of ​​wisdom.

What transmits? 

Spirituality, ceremony, mystery, transformation, cruelty, arrogance, power, sensitivity, intimacy, discovery, creativity...

Examples:  wellness spaces, SPAs, beauty clinics....



The main interpretations of blue focus on the ideal of trust and wisdom, however the color encompasses other sensations.

What transmits? 

Tranquility, stability, harmony, loyalty, truth, security, cleanliness, order, technology, contemplation, patience, light sensation, health, water...

Examples: it is widely used in technology brands, banks, healthcare and cleaning services. Some examples: HP, NASA, Linkedin, Oral-B



We inevitably link green to nature, the environment and hope.

What transmits? 

Calm, perseverance, self-awareness, nature, environment, healthy, luck, renewal, youth, vigor, fresh, coherence, prosperity...

Examples: it is widely used in hospitals and health centers, in cleaning brands, but it is also used in other areas, such as: Spotify, Starbucks...



Yellow is the color of the sun, it is a warm, happy and welcoming tone according to color psychology.

What transmits? 

Wisdom, relaxation, happiness, optimism, imagination, hope, clarity, luminosity, summer, betrayal, envy, illness, danger, stimulates appetite, intellectual. 

Examples: Nikon, Subway, Shell, Post-it



Orange is vibrant and energetic, it's great for advertisements. Although it is very similar to red, orange is a less stimulating color.

What transmits? 

Good mood, energy, balance, warmth, enthusiasm, expansion, excessive, animation, creativity, young spirit, confident...

Examples: Amazon, JBL, Fanta



Red is intense and for this reason it encompasses different sensations and emotions. This color captures a lot of attention and is therefore often used in promotional or emergency advertisements.

What transmits? 

Passion, anger, desire, energy, strength, violence, heat, power, love, danger, fire, blood, hunger, promotion, urgency, intensity, vibration...

Examples: it is widely used in restaurants and food-related brands, as it is a color that awakens hunger, such as: Mcdonalds, Coca-Cola, KFC



Black is a sober color, which commands respect, but can be considered mysterious at the same time. It is a widely used color because it combines with practically all others and favors legibility.

What transmits? 

Power, sophistication, formality, elegance, wealth, mystery, fear, sexuality, anonymity, sadness, mourning, depth, evil, anger, neutrality, luxury, authority..

Examples: Christian Dior, Channel...



White transmits the idea of ​​modern and minimalist, it is a subtle color, but it manages to stand out and give shine to other colors, being mostly used as a background color.

What transmits? 

Respect, protection, positive, purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, humility, precision, innocence, birth, fresh, snow, marriage, clinical, neutrality, organization, calm, celebration, empty space, breathing...

Examples: Apple, Adidas...



Golden is the color of gold and sunshine! It is a color associated with material wealth, power and exclusivity.

What transmits? 

Abundance, power, wisdom, great ideas, positivity, divine, preciousness, wealth, warmth, extravagance, prosperity, greatness, prestige, sophisticated, spiritual enlightenment...

Examples: watch shops, goldsmiths, jewelry brands and cosmetic brands



How can colors influence marketing? 

A good choice of colors for a brand has the power to:

- build the uniqueness of the brand;

- build an image aligned with brand values;

- differentiate from the competitors;

- strengthen loyalty;

- targeting the intended target audience;

- boost sales;

- extend the time spent in the store, or reduce it, if this is the intention;

- increase the customer's intention to make further visits.



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