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medical software for imaging exams…


  • Branding
  • UI & UX
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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


I-Medical is currently the only company that addresses on the same platform flows from the prescription of imaging tests to the performance and diagnosis.

This platform also provide the results for patients, doctors or prescribing entities.

This cloud-based platform manages all the processes associated with clinical diagnosis based on medical images, exploring the best in the world of PACS and RIS. This way, any clinic can access the history of its patients at any time and place.

mockup for imedical

“A platform based on the SaaS model that optimizes the workflow and manages the entire cycle of imaging diagnostics, allowing full access control from the mobile phone, pc or tablet”

This was one of the premises set out in the initial briefing that made us develop a set of attractive interfaces / elements but, that at the same time, intuitive for the several users.

The layout of tables, action buttons, iconography and graphics were designed and elaborated in a coherent way between the various modules.

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