What are the "requirements" for a memorable branding

Many people could answer:
"One who would recognize as soon as we saw him ..."

This statement is not far from the truth, mainly because if we analyze where the visual field is headed in an advertisement / publication, we find that the brand / logo occupies a relevant place.

For a long time, the logo will symbolize a company / brand and all products / services provided. Therefore, it will have to create a unique, memorable and familiar feeling for all the entities involved, since it will be one of the strongest and most important marketing and dissemination tool...

When developing a logo, we must always consider the following factors:

• be unique

• meet the philosophy of the company / brand and its core business

• meet the target audience

• be credible and professional

• be "simple" and easy to read

• do not use all the colors of the rainbow .... In general, use 2 or 3 colors and their variations

• do not use more than 1 or 2 fonts (lettering). With the same font family, we can also create interesting effects and solutions


If the logo developed is too elaborate, complex, with too many colors, information, etc., in addition to incurring excessive costs in printing, it causes a difficulty in reading and applying to smaller media.

The trick is to achieve the perfect "balance" between design and functionality...           

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