How Marketing Automation helps you to improve your sales

Marketing automation is basically a digital marketing strategy that through certain tools allows to automate a set of processes and relationships with your consumers.

Through this type of tools, you can monitor the behavior and navigation of users (registered or unregistered) on the website, such us: the pages they visited, the navigation flow, where they clicked, the time they spent on a page and what they bought or invested.

So, you can reach a certain audience and customers through content / email / information relevant to then and that can boost a new acquisition. Through this type of tool, you will be able to automatically replicate a set of tasks that previously could only be performed manually and several times.

In summary, from the moment that the monitoring of that consumer and his behavior starts, marketing automation allows to identify the interests and the purchase stages of each possible buyer and later to send the most appropriate content.

With our system, after the trigger is submitted (ex: registration in the online store), you can classify that contact by adding a tag and sending campaigns automatically.

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