Website development and branding creation for Lumina

4por4 was the agency selected to develop the new website for LUMINA, a company with Portuguese and Irish capital that offers services and solutions to the market to reduce the carbon “footprint".

They aim to be the ideal partner to guide any company towards a “net zero future”, enhance their client's business value by reducing energy costs, increasing profitability and shedding light on the pathway to net zero. They provide an automatic measurement and analysis on energy and carbon consumption and track the organisation’s savings, using a data driven approach along with extensive engineering expertise

On this website, visitors will be able to access the company's presentation and value proposition, news and articles, services provided, case studies, advantages of the platform provided, customer testimonials, energy cost simulator, among other features. So, we will develop a disruptive and attractive design, with a set of innovative, unique and distinct features and which will allow visitors an excellent viewing and user experienc

We are pleased with the trust shown in our company in developing another international project associated with an area so relevant today. 

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