The role of design in the user experience of websites

The main goal of design in websites is to facilitate the user experience, making it intuitive, pleasant and accessible.

To achieve this, it is necessary to take into consideration a set of factors, namely the aesthetics, functionality, usability and accessibility of the website



Elements such as colours, fonts and images should be carefully chosen in order to become attractive and to transmit the values and essence of the brand.

The visual hierarchy is also extremely important to help users understand the structure of the site and where to find the information they need. Since design is subject to various trends and meanings, there must be a concern to have a website that is updated and not obsolete..



It is not enough to have a visually attractive website, being necessary a logical and accessible organization of the information that allows users to quickly find the information they want.



The website should be designed to work efficiently on different devices and screen sizes. Therefore, a responsive and user-friendly website is essential.



Regardless of the user's physical or cognitive abilities, the website should be accessible, with an inclusive design and meet accessibility standards. The design should also be updated to adapt to changing user behaviours and needs.


User experience and 4por4

4por4 is a creative agency specializing in design, website development, branding, e-commerce and communication media. We have a range of skills, knowledge and tools that guide us to an innovative, disruptive and differentiated result in our projects of corporate image and websites.

We work with design not as an isolated aspect of user experience, but as part of a whole that includes aesthetics, information architecture and site functionality.

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