10 practices to ensure good usability in online commerce...

Online commerce has increased exponentially in small and large companies. Customers are increasingly looking for fast service, with home delivery, secure payments, and without going to a physical store.


Having an online store aims to create a competitive advantage over your competitors while satisfying your customer needs.

However, it´s important to follow these 10 practices to have the intended success in your online store: 

1 - Simplicity

Ensuring that the user can easily find relevant products, categories, and information. Use a clear and intuitive menu structure.


2 - Responsive Design

Make sure that the online store is optimized for mobile devices, that is, correctly displayed on screens of different sizes and resolutions.


3 - Loading speed

Reduce the loading time of the various pages as much as possible, so that the user/visitor does not get frustrated. Slow loading can lead to abandoned carts. Therefore, use optimization techniques such as image compression and cache.


4 - Simplified checkout

Make the checkout process as simple and fast as possible. Reduce the number of forms and fields required to complete the purchase. Offer diverse and secure payment options.


5 - Efficient search

Implement an efficient search tool that returns relevant results to users. Include features like product suggestions and promotions.


6 - Detailed product information

Please provide complete and accurate product information, including descriptions, technical specifications, high-quality images, and reviews from other customers.


7 - Visual feedback

Use visual elements such as icons, notifications, or pop-ups to provide immediate feedback on actions taken by users. These elements will certainly help to improve the user experience.


8 - Simplified forms

Avoid asking for unnecessary information on registration/login and checkout forms. Keep them short and only ask for essential information to complete the purchase process.


9 - Chat and online support

Provide a chat or other online support channels. This will certainly help you to resolve queries or issues more quickly and efficiently.

10 - Continuous testing and optimization

Conduct usability tests periodically to identify potential issues and improvements. Analyze user behavior, gather feedback, and implement constant improvements based on that data.


By implementing these 10 best practices in your online store, you will undoubtedly be creating and improving the shopping experience of visitors, making it more pleasant, intuitive, and efficient. This will result in greater customer satisfaction and consequently a higher conversion rate and loyalty.



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