The importance of the brand identity in your company

A strong brand increases the value of a company or organisation. The existence of a brand involves both tangible and intangible elements, and the creation of an identity that is consistent with the brand's values is essential.

What is a brand? 

A brand is not just a name or a logo: it is much more than that. A brand is the interface between the company/organisation/individual and its target audiences. It not only identifies, it differentiates.


Core identity

When we talk about core identity, we are referring to the brand name. To create brand awareness, the name needs to be simple, easy to pronounce, meaningful and distinctive.

It is important to check that there are no negative or undesirable connotations associated with the name.

Current Identity

The current identity refers to the logo and includes the lettering, colour and symbol used.

The simplest logos are wordmarks or letterforms. Wordmarks are the typographical combination of a company or product's letters, allowing for branding and identification. This is the case with Coca-Cola and Google. Letterforms, on the other hand, consist of a unique design using one or more letters that act as a mnemonic, such as IBM.

The lettering influences the consumer's attitude towards the brand, helping with legibility and memorability. More geometric typefaces convey greater objectivity, while lighter/humanistic typefaces are associated with empathy.

The colours themselves also convey different sensations and should reinforce the brand promise and create the desired brand image in the consumer's mind.

Symbols, in turn, are effective means of communicating information. When the design is perceived as attractive, designs elicit stronger affective and behavioural responses.


Extended Identity

This type of identity includes other signs associated with the brand, such as the brand signature, slogan, jingle and packaging.

Contrary to what many people think, signature and brand signature are not synonymous. The brand signature represents the essence of the brand, while the slogan is an advertising phrase that refers to a specific campaign and should include the brand name for brand equity.

The jingle is a song that identifies the brand.

In the case of packaging, it must reflect the positioning, be a form of communication and facilitate the use of the product, as it has a high impact on the consumer's perception. Creativity is needed: personalisation and theming are strong allies in this process.


Brand Identity and 4por4

The brand identity involves a range of skills in creativity, design and communication to achieve the desired corporate identity.

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