Key Elements of Editorial Design in a project

Editorial design, it is a sub-area of graphic design focused on projects in which written text prevails. As with any type of design, its aim is to solve problems and communicate what is needed. 

Therefore, elements such as layout, typography and visual composition are a priority for editorial design, since it is intended that the content can be adapted to a printed or digital publication.


Its objective is to guarantee an appealing and efficient communication, making reading easier.

Thus, there is a hierarchy of information, highlighting the most relevant content, such as a title. Other contents, such as images, should not be thought of solely as a form of embellishment, but also as a complement to the written content.



Typography stands for a pleasant reading, guided by two principles: legibility and readability.

On the one hand, legibility refers to the ability to distinguish the different letters. On the other hand, readability consists of the reader's ability to perceive the letters in a text as a whole.

Visual composition

It is responsible for the characteristics that define the publication, that is, the set of elements that make the project what it is visually. It integrates all the visual elements, such as colour palettes, icons, logos, among others.


What is the importance of editorial design for the company's visual identity?

The visual identity is responsible for representing and transmitting the values and ideals of a company by visual means, translating the brand to the public and enabling them to recognize its value.

It is also a form of expression that communicates to current and potential customers the way the company wants to be.


Editorial Design and 4por4

Editorial design must convey a clear and objective message, with emphasis on the company's most relevant attributes. It needs advanced skills and knowledge in order to demonstrate credibility, trust and competence.

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