The importance of gamification in marketing and digital

The process of gamification has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Some even believe that it is a trend that is here to stay. In this article, we will focus on its application in the business world.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the phenomenon of using gaming elements and techniques in other contexts to motivate and engage people in more interesting, captivating and appealing activities, improving the user experience.

One of the major influences on the emergence of gamification was the self-determination theory developed by psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan in the 1980s. According to this theory, intrinsic motivation is stronger and more powerful than extrinsic motivation, and individuals need to feel autonomous, competent and have a variety of relationships to maintain motivation.

These elements support gamification, which aims to provide motivating and engaging experiences


Gamification and Marketing

Gamification allows consumers and customers to participate in marketing campaigns, encouraging them to engage with the brand and take part in the activities it proposes. In marketing, resources such as loyalty programmes, promotional games, challenges, augmented reality and competitions are valued.


Loyalty Programmes

Customers accumulate points or receive rewards for their purchases, encouraging repeat purchases and, therefore, loyalty.


Promotional Games

By participating in a game related to the product/service offered by the company, the customer can win prizes.



There is an incentive to complete tasks in exchange for rewards or prizes.


Augmented Reality

Allows customers to interact with the brand and its products/services through their mobile phone, creating a more immersive and engaging experience.



Customers create brand related content, and the best are rewarded. Gamification allows the relationship between the company and its customers to be strengthened in a fun and accessible way.

Gamification and Organizational Culture

In a business context, gamification has proven to be a valuable tool for motivating employees. The use of elements such as challenges, rewards, competition and instant feedback helps to create more engaging and fun experiences that motivate employees and consequently increase their productivity.



Gamification and 4por4

4por4 is a creative agency that also develops websites that allow gamification.

An example of this is the website developed for the Alijó Municipality, namely the design, development, programming and implementation of a microsite (GAMMING) to promote the theme of recycling and access to games/quizzes and related prizes.

So, we developed an attractive and innovative microsite based on three main pillars: communicating about recycling, promoting and disseminating content on the subject and attracting more interactions through the activation of weekly interactive quizzes/games leading to prize offers / giveawayss.

For 4por4, better than to achieve is to overcome and surprise. Let's walk together?

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