The advantages of a CMS tailor-made for your website

4por4 has a completely custom-made CMS, which will help you customize your website content quickly and easily...

We can now highlight the main advantages for your brand/company:


All content are managed by the client. This way, any changes can be made immediately, reducing maintenance costs;

Both the front office (part visible to visitors) and the CMS (back office) are built on a widely tested tool, thus reducing the testing period and the appearance of bugs. 



The back office is optimized so that information inserted is extremely fast. The interface provided is intuitive and use the latest technology supported by browsers to maximize efficiency and available features;


It is possible to create multiple accesses to the back office through different users with access to different options (contents);



It is not necessary to use any type of programming language, allowing the Editor, for example, to define color, spacing, bullets, links to other areas of the website, among many other features;


You can activate or deactivate pages at any time, as well as blocks/sections that are part of each menu. Through features such as “drag-and-drop”, you can change the page layout, as well as order and add new components/sections. Everything is simple and intuitive, and allows you to see, in real time, exactly what will be published



Ability to create forms/cta's through a specific module and associate them with a specific page or section. For each form you can create/edit filter, select boxes, dates and even “input groups”. Associated with each form, all submitted responses can be viewed and exported to Excel.


The platform is based on a scalable architecture, allowing the number of users, modules and functionalities to grow, without substantially affecting the system's performance.


4por4 provides its own CMS (content management platform), with restricted access, and which allows the maintenance and management of all the website content. Being optimized and adapted to the all the pages and menus, maintenance becomes simpler, more intuitive and easily adaptable to the integration of new functionalities and modules.

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