The main design trends for 2024

Design trends generally reflect what is going on, through artistic and creative expression. 

Graphic design changes and evolves continuously, following current trends, technology, tools and methodologies.

Nowadays, we are witnessing great technological developments. However, “the old days” become increasingly nostalgic. This provides a “temporal crossover” between the two eras, which results in a very diverse duality of trends.

In this article, we cover 6 trends: AI, retro and vintage aesthetics, 3D design, experimental typography, pastel tones and minimalism


The type of consumer in 2024

Consumer preferences also influence design trends. In 2024 we will be faced with technological advances that provide diverse experiences and interactions with the product. So, the consumer expectations tend to increase, with brands expected to follow in the footsteps of technology and implement the latest innovations in their products, advertising, etc..

So, one of the trends will be clean and minimalist design. The modern consumer does not have time to absorb a lot of text and a lot of details, so they prefer a clean solution, where in a short space of time the message is transmitted in a clear and logical way.




1 - Artificial Inteligence

Artificial intelligence has not only changed the creation of written content, but also visual content. There are already several platforms and tools that include AI, including Adobe, however the best known among the general public are Midjourney and DALL-E

With artificial intelligence, it is possible to generate in a matter of seconds: layouts, design elements, color palettes and illustrations based on a set of provided “indications.

This technology is used both as a way of obtaining visual results that would otherwise be difficult to obtain, and also as a visual complement and inspiration.


Example: Generate images from sentences with Microsoft Generator


2 - Retro/vintage aesthetic

At the beginning of the article, we focus the "nostalgia" that has been felt nowadays. 

There is an increasing retro and vintage style inspirations, which involves the use of elements from previous eras, such as fonts, illustrations or color palettes.


3 - 3D Design

3D Design covers several aspects: creating 3D characters, virtual reality, rendering and immersive experience. This graphic style is used not only in graphic design, but in several other areas of design, such as interior design, product design and web design.

Nowadays, we are becoming increasingly familiar with the presence of 3D. Whether in an interior design project (3D renders), or on a jewelry website (visualization of pieces in 3D), etc

Using illustration or 3D modeling helps personalize and streamline the design. Works great in interaction interfaces.


4 - Experimental typography

Experimental typography is a trend capable of making design more personalized and unique. The text no longer appears merely as a complement and becomes the main part of the design

When talking about experimental typography, there is no exact can be curved letters, unusual font variants, etc. This typography has a great visual impact, becoming the center of communication and eventually replacing illustrations and other graphic elements


5 - Pastel Tones

The use of soft colors such as pastel tones takes the user into an imaginary world. This trend creates a positive atmosphere in the public, transmitting feelings of fun, comfort and informality. 

This type of colors has always been used more for children or feminine products, however it has increasingly moved away from this niche and is gaining prominence in all types of products and target audiences.


6 - Minimalism

With the amount of information and visual stimulation available, minimalist and abstract design are becoming a trend.

The essential basis of minimalism is, through a minimum of elements, transmitting the message clearly and directly, without distractions.




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