How graphic design is used in branding

A brand's visual identity consists of all the visual elements that represent the brand, such as the logo, colours, typography, etc. It is also the basis for the construction of the corporate image and brand positioning.

Graphic design is therefore an essential tool in the branding strategy.



Graphic design and logo 

The role of graphic design in branding begins with the creation of the logo, which is the visual representation of the brand. Its creation must consider the brand's values, objectives and personality, and allow for easy identification and memorisation.

The logo must also be versatile and adaptable to different formats and contexts.


Graphic design and colour palette

The colours should be chosen according to the personality of the brand and the values it wants to convey. Cool and modern colours are associated with technology brands, while warm and natural colours are associated with food brands, for example.

It is necessary to have some knowledge of colour psychology and understand how colours affect human emotions and behaviour.


Graphic design and typography

The choice of typeface should be based on the brand's personality, ensuring it is legible and adapts to different shapes and sizes. Typography can help convey the brand's message and create a sense of visual cohesion.


Graphic design and general use

Graphic design is responsible for creating a consistent visual experience across all audience touch points, including the brand's website, marketing materials and more.

Visual consistency helps to establish the brand identity, making it easily recognisable and memorable. In this way, graphic design also enables the brand to differentiate itself from its competitors. It is important that it is updated to reflect the evolution of the brand while keeping the visual identity current and relevant.


Graphic design and 4por4

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