Branding, storytelling and social media in your brand

Branding is the strategy for brand development, involving the creation of a unique identity that establishes connections with their customers. In turn, it is the storytelling – a narrative that captures and retains the customer’s attention from the development identification...


Branding and Storytelling 

The creation of stories/narratives helps and possibilities the existence of emotional connections since it is created a bond between the brand and their public.

The narrative awakes emotions and transmits the values and the brand’s personality in a remarkable way that is not quickly forgotten by the audience. Beyond that, it supports the creation of the brands’ reputation as customers know the values and the culture of the company and its range of products and services.

The construction of the storytelling requires the definition of the audience and the creation of stories that involve and meet the desires and needs of that public. Must be prioritized the authenticity and the coherence with the brand’s identity under the risk of breaking the customer’s trust.


Branding and Storytelling applicated in social media

Social networks are the main focus of communication for many companies.

Not only do they allow potential consumers to be reached, but they also mark presence for current ones, and content needs to be created to remind or make known the existence of the brand.

Studies suggest that people make an unconscious judgement about a product/content within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that up to 90% of that judgement is based on colour alone. Thus, a corporate image developed alongside the aesthetics of the brand itself on social media is essential.


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