How to plan a digital marketing campaign

Each marketing variant has its own rules, due to the nature of how messages are channeled and the way the consumer deals with the media that make them available.


In direct marketing, consumers receive a flyer, a catalog or a gift. But if they contact the company and it fails to respond to the expectations created by the message, potential customers may feel cheated and hardly return. The same is true in digital marketing…


Without a careful online presence, it´s difficult to move forward with an effective campaign.


You must always consider the following steps:

- know the various digital supports that you can use (website; e-mail; newsletters; banners; chat´s; search engines; etc.);

- outline objectives for the campaign;

- analyze the needs of the target audience;

- analyze threats and opportunities;

- analyze the characteristics of the products / services that you are going to advertise and adapt them to your target;

- determine the necessary resources (logistical; training; payment; time; human resources; etc.) to provide your services and products;

- prepare a plan and implement all web communication supports;

- control and measure the success of the campaign (number of visits; duration; number of emails received; number of articles advised; etc);


Then just launch the campaign, analyze the results, and respond accordingly to the various requests that have been submitted.

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