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For more than 50 years, Chemitex has been a family office adapting itself to a constantly evolving business environment. This company has become one of the most reliable sourcing and distribution network in the textile industry


Today, more than five decades later, they can proudly call themselves Europe’s leading textile supplier. But what they are most proud of isn’t where they are right now: It’s the loyalty of their long-time employees, clients, suppliers and the way of working that brought then here.

As Chemitex grows, so does its environmental and social responsibility. They see it as a personal challenge to guarantee that Chemitex's impact becomes more positive every day, by donating a percentage of their profits to social initiatives, as well as, by driving and innovating the industry’s worldwide standards and reducing their carbon footprint.

mockup developed for chemitex website

Through the new website, it is possible to learn about the company, quality and sustainable policies, history, areas of intervention, products provide, developed projects, the latest news, etc.


Therefore, we developed an attractive layout, with a set of innovating, unique and distinct features that allows the visitor to have an excellent view, reading and user experience.

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