Viva Magenta: colour of 2023 for design and webdesign

It's not hard to understand why Viva Magenta (Pantone 18-1750) is Pantone's colour of the year: strong and vibrant, the colour expresses entry into a new narrative for those who are not afraid to live it.

Reflecting the inner strength, power and courage to embrace our essence, this colour was inspired by nature, more specifically by cochineal, known to be one of the strongest and most vibrant dyes in the world. And it is for this vibrancy, ambitious and unrestrained, that the world exclaims: in an increasingly technologically advanced age, the search for what is real is endless.

By combining artificial intelligence and human creativity, Pantone has presented one of the most beautiful colours produced by nature.


Viva Magenta and graphic design

Currently, the visuals adopted are guided by neutral tones. However, Viva Magenta may be the solution for a more interesting design that reflects a brand that is not afraid to take risks, with innovative proposals.


Viva Magenta and packaging

Designed to create a consumer response, Viva Magenta is ideal for brands that want to show a vibrant and passionate side, standing out among all the other proposals.

Viva Magenta and 4por4

But Viva Magenta is not only present in the design or packaging. In fact, it's part of our essence and identity, of who knows how to risk and wants to value the irreverent nature of itself and continue to develop impactful, disruptive and innovative projects.

For 4por4, better than achieving is to overcome and surprise. Let's walk together?


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