New website and corporate image for Falual group

4por4 was pleased to start another new project, this time for Falual Group. It was necessary to develop a new website and change its corporate image.


Falual is a company in the metalworking and industrial maintenance sector, based in Trofa. Their main pillars are to foster improvement and continuous learning, leadership, ambition, loyalty and cooperation, unity and teamwork. Commitment and transparency are imperative both internally and in terms of customer relations. The words that predominate at Falual are quality, professionalism, and trust.

The creation of a new visual identity has high importance and a website is the face of the company and allows anyone in the world, at any time, to access all information related to the company with one click. In addition, it can foster a better company-client relationship, given the ease of contact.

Once again, we were able to combine innovation with acquired skills and give life to another dynamic project.

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