Managing a digital or branding project

At 4por4 we work with passion on all projects. We create connections with the clients and brands we work with, fostering a relationship of trust with all of them and stimulating their growth and modernization through personalized solutions and communication supports that break with pre-conceived ideas.

We work together in various areas, from design to web development, with the vision of presenting the best solutions. 

Our work process goes through several phases until its conclusion:

1 - Identification: all of our solutions begin with a prior study of the challenges we face, the ideas conveyed, the characteristics of the company, the market in which it operates and the objectives to be achieved. This is the starting point for your brand’s success. 

2 - Planning: what may be seen as a problem for some, is a challenge for us. We define the implementation phases, the resources, objectives and goals necessary for the success of your project. All team members will have a significant role and each one will make a difference. 

3 - Study: in all supports developed, we try to incorporate and transmit the personality and uniqueness of your brand, making it recognizable. The mockups/layouts are defined by our imagination and refined by our experience. 

4 - Development: with a global understanding of design, usability, content and functionality, we develop the project always thinking about the future, that is, anticipating needs that may occur. We meet the goals and objectives set within the defined calendar. 

5 - Finishing: we close the project when all the phases are completed and the requirements have been validated. Working with us is a commitment, so we will continue to be here to provide all support and develop new projects. 


With an organized work process divided into phases, we are able to present a well-structured and personalized project based on the objectives of the client or brand. It is always necessary to understand the needs and/or problems to be able to present solutions, but always with a basic study of several alternatives that can solve the problem, in a “trial-error” process, which leads us to the best solution. 

And this is why, we have a creative team, specialized in website development, web design, online stores, corporate image, branding and communication supports that can help you boost your online presence and reach new horizons.. 

For 4por4, better than achieving is overcoming and surprising. Let´s walk together?

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