Development of a new website for Convento das Cabanas

4por4 was the agency selected to develop the new website for the Convento das Cabanas, a unique space in Afife – Viana do Castelo, which was once the home of the poet Pedro Homem de Mello.

Nestled in the heart of ancient forests and veiled in a timeless air, it is a “retreat” shrouded in mystery and adorned with elegance.

If Pedro Homem de Mello was alive and visited the Convento de Cabanas today, he would probably write a poem, dedicated to the lyrical singer Nathalie D'Ornano, who recovered and transformed his old home into a romantic space that allows not only accommodation, but also all types of events.

The Convent's cloister can, for example, accommodate large meals, making it possible to organize special events or increase the restaurant's capacity. It is an ideal place for romantic candlelit dinners, weddings or musical evenings. During the summer season, beautiful outdoor terraces are set up to provide a pleasant space for the convent's guests.

On the other hand, and located in front of the Convent, there is Café das Cabanas, a terrace next to the river, with a lush and romantic atmosphere, with capacity for around 50 people. It is open to pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela, tourists and locals. Here we can enjoy fine snacks, salads, delicious cakes and homemade cold drinks during the 4 months of the summer season. 

On this website, visitors will be able to access the various spaces that are part of Convento das Cabanas, news and articles, services available, reservations, multimedia gallery, events, among other features. 

So, we will develop an elegant and attractive design, with a set of innovative, unique and distinct features and which will allow visitors an excellent UI and UX

We are pleased with the trust shown in our company in developing a project that we immediately fell in love with

For 4por4, better than achieving is overcoming and surprising. Let´s walk together? 

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