Environmental project for the Municipality of Alijó

4por4 was responsible for developing all the branding, brochures, flyers, certificates, merchandising, website and social media for this environmental sustainability project.


The Municipality of Alijó, in a clear commitment to future generations, has been implementing a strategy to preserve the environment, integrated with the territory and in close connection with citizens and the business community.

Recycling materials makes it possible to give them a new life and reduce the consumption of natural resources, thus preserving the environment. 

In this way, an awareness campaign was developed with the aim of making all citizens aware to adopt behaviors that aim at the efficient and sustainable use of resources, the reduction of waste, the separation of waste and placement in ecopoints or ecocenters, so that it can be forwarded for recycling.

We congratulate and reiterate our thanks for the opportunity given to us in the development/layout  of another project with great relevance for 4por4 and which involved all areas/services we provide.

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