Advantages of having an online store

Online commerce has grown exponentially in large and small companies, because an online store has the ability to attract all types of customers, due to its practicality and efficiency.


Increasingly, customers are looking for a fast service with home delivery depending on availability and with the possibility of making secure online payments, without having to go to a physical store.

The purpose of creating an online store is to create a competitive advantage over competitors while satisfying customer needs. 


There are various advantages of creating an online store:

1º It's easy to create an online store :

Nowadays the digital world plays a very important role in society, so it is expected that all businesses want to be present in online commerce. 4por4 intends to be a partner and an extension of your business, guaranteeing the maximum quality in the service of creating online stores.


2º Presentation of detailed information about the product

In a physical store there is no access to detailed information about the various products. However, in an online store it is possible to find a description for all products, so the customer gets to know the details and advantages of the product and the possibility of exchange or return is reduced.


3º Open 24 hours a day

A physical store will have to comply with opening and closing hours, however, an online store is available for shopping 24 hours a day, every day of the week. In this way, it improves the customers' experience and gives them the possibility to make a purchase with a simple click.


4º Fixed costs

Setting up an online store only requires some maintenance, which means you can control your costs. It is certain that you will get a return on the investment you made in launching the online store and maintaining it.

With a good design and an appealing image, it is possible to captivate the customer and make it their main choice.


5º Flexibility to sell

With the possibility of announcing discounts, free deliveries and even personalized offers, it becomes much easier to captivate the customer and consequently generate an increase in sales.


6º Globalization

While a physical store is limited to selling only in the place where it is headquartered, an online store can commercialize its products to various parts of the country, or even the world. Thus, it is possible to enhance the sales result and insert your products in different markets.



4por4 believes that each customer is unique and deserves a personalized solution! If you only have a physical store, this is the perfect time to consider creating an online store and giving your business a boost!

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