The problem of abandoned carts in online stores

Did someone add a product in your online store cart but didn't buy it?

Nowadays it´s perfectly common, but it can be solved, for example sending an email to your customer saying: “Tell us why you haven't finished the purchase and we will give you a 5% discount!”. Everything automatically!

Basically, an abandoned cart, it´s a withdrawal purchase after the customer added products to the cart. There can be several reasons, but the most relevant are:

- High shipping costs;

- Shipping time above expectations;

- Confusing check-out process;

- Not being prepared to make a purchase;

- Insufficient payment options;

- Wait for a special offer to make the purchase;


The further the customer moves into the online sales funnel, the more probable is to being distracted, but at the same time increase the interest in acquiring.

Therefore, an abandoned cart doesn´t always mean that we are facing a lost sale.

4por4 has tools that allow all our clients to access to the list of all abandoned carts, the products that were in them and the customer (registered or unregistered). In this list you can get a sense of the value of each cart and which products are usually more “abandoned”.


On the other hand, after XXX hours, an automatic email can be generated to appeal to the “re-purchase” of the products, taking advantage of a commercial discount.

As you can see, an abandoned cart doesn´t mean a lost sale, but rather the beginning of an acquisition process and who knows of customer loyalty.

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