How to improve my network

You can think that the more events, groups and dinners you attend, the more your network of contacts - "networking" - will increase, but will it really be true!?! ...


In number it may be, but what about quality? Isn't it more important to be respected in 2 or 3 circles than to "be one more" in several circles?!?

Will be only "cocktails", conferences or "speed networking" that will improve your network ?

Of course not...


Good deals are made based on relationships of trust and not on "3 minute" business relationships.

We are not saying that these types of events are not effective and don´t have practical results, but a network must be "built" and "worked" over the years and with intelligence and practical sense.

You must consider the following situations:


- schedule a coffee / lunch on a regular basis with the "oldest" people in your network

- in events where you will meet new contacts, have the "goal" of scheduling 2 to 3 lunches

- talk to your customers and other members of your network on a regular basis

- be part of non-profit groups and associations. Even though you don't have the main objective of establishing contacts, you will find that the people you meet, sooner or later will be useful to you ...


So, go out, communicate, and show yourself, but make sure that this investment of time and commitment is rewarded…

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