4por4 with a new position and communication

Innovation, passion, design, creativity, determination and evolution are some attributes that 4por4 company intends to transmit with its new visual identity.

The new logo, based on strong and differentiating lettering, also includes an iconographic element that refers to the new image also intends to transmit the constant mutation and adaptation that the company presents daily in all the projects which it is involved.

Nuno Bandeira Salvador, general and creative director at 4por4, believes in the success of this new phase as he confided:
“The 18 years of experience combined with the importance that a new positioning and communication assumed within our company, originated this change.  As we want 2020 to be a year of turning and consolidation in the European and American market, a new image was essential.
We know that the market needs companies like ours that are constantly changing and that transmit creativity, modernity and innovation, so it was a natural evolution”.

Associated with the new identity, there is also a new name - "Creative Agency" -, which refers to the company's ability to conceive communication strategies and provide design solutions that break with the pre-conceived.

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