4por4 project is awarded on the “awards” platforms

4por4 was responsible for developing the project/online store for Monseo Jewels.

This brand, born within a family business established in Porto in 1972, specializes in creating and producing high jewelry pieces.


4por4 has opted for a very disruptive, impactful, and captivating online store, with a comfortable set of animations that allows the visitor an excellent visualization, interaction, and purchase of products.

And it was with this project that our agency stood out on the platforms Awwwards / CSS Nectar/ CSS Design awards | WD Awardss. 

On the Awwwards website, (https://www.awwwards.com/sites/monseo-jewels) 4por4 received an honorable mention for the development of elements in the area of ​​responsive design, e-commerce, creativity, UX, UI, and content, among others. 

On the CSS Nectar website  (https://cssnectar.com/css-gallery-inspiration/monseo-jewels-online-store/), 4por4 was recognized with the award for best online store and was evaluated on the criteria of design, code, and creativity, and received grades of 8.0, 7.5 and 7.7 respectively. 

At the CSS Design Awards (https://www.cssdesignawards.com/sites/monseo-jewels/43631/), we received the “Special Kudos. 

Finally, on the WD Awards platform ( https://wdawards.com/web/monseo-jewels) we received the “WD Favourite” award in the e-commerce|shopping category. 

These online platforms where a large community of Web Designers, Developers, and Agencies are gather, are important spaces for sharing knowledge, inspiration, and recognition.


To the 4por4 team that surprises every day with an unparalleled passion, we thanks for their tireless dedication. 

These distinctions value and oblige us to exceed our customers' expectations even more.


For 4por4, better than achieving is surpassing and surprising. Let´s walk together?

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