2022 Web Design Trends and tips for your website

Currently, the digital world is a reality present in our lives, hence the constant competitiveness and need for innovation and creativity in all activities related to web design.

It is important to mention that it is not enough to just choose one of the trends and apply it to your business, a prior analysis is necessary in order to select the one that best suits your target audience.


Some of the trends for 2022:

1º Adoption of screens with more movement

Homepage with characteristics similar to those of the cinema. Allied to the interactive resources, the web design has 3D images, animations and videos on a large scale and with higher quality.


2º Minimalist design

A simple design with a clean appearance conveys to the client a clear message, without distractions and a harmonious design. It is important to provide the visitor with easy browsing, the easier it is to get what they are looking for, the greater the probability of captivating the receiver.


3º Light and dark mode

With the increasing amount of time dedicated to screens and the digital world, it is necessary to think about the well-being of those who are visiting the website. In this case, the introduction of dark mode allows for greater comfort, prioritizing well-being is a trend for 2022.


4º Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence with its disruptive character should be introduced in the creation of new sites to allow greater personalization. In this case it is possible to collect data in order to improve the experience.


5º Hands-free control

Nowadays it is possible to use the hands-free control function on all smartphones, allowing us, for example, to take a selfie without having to touch the screen. One of the trends for 2022 would be to start introducing this dynamic in web design to make everything simpler and more interactive.

6º Images of real people

The appearance of real and authentic images in the digital world has reinforced the importance of diversity and inclusion. By using images of real people, you are making your brand more genuine.


7º Blur Effect

Using the blur effect allows you to highlight the element you want to capture the most attention. This effect is quite versatile and can be used with different intensities so that it is possible to fuse a composition.



The objective will always be to captivate visitors and make a good impression from the first click.

To stand out in this competitive market and fully capture the attention of visitors, follow the Web Design trends for 2022 and trust in 4por4 – creative agency to develop your project!

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