03 sites to get good images for digital and web

We know that there are several websites that provide files, images and illustrations to help when creating projects and making the art visibly attractive.

The sites where we can take images are essential when developing a project. Additionally, they offer access to a vast and diverse collection of high-quality visual resources.


These platforms play a crucial role for Designers, Content Creators, Advertising and Marketing Professionals and many others, by providing a reliable source of images, illustrations, icons, etc. that can be used in creative projects such as: websites, social networks, advertising campaigns, presentations and much more. 

The importance of these sites lies in the time and resource savings they offer, allowing users to quickly find images that meet their needs, avoiding the costs associated with producing visual content and ensuring copyright compliance. 

In this article we will only highlight free image sites, as there are other paid sites/portals with greater assets, variety and quantity. 


Therefore, we share the following: 

1 - https://www.freepik.com/


2 - https://www.pexels.com/pt-br/


3 - https://unsplash.com/pt-br



So, have you used any of these sites? Share your experience with us and tell us which tool you can’t live without.

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