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Proposal for IUP25K 2016

iUP25k is an awareness-raising tool for entrepreneurship and start-ups.

This year, we opted for a strong and well structured concept that would allow us to create an entire campaig, avoiding the more restrictive illustrations of previous years.

iUp25k - ilustration and image

iUp25k - ilustration on mupy
iUp25k - logo
iUp25k - slogan
iUp25k - poster on mupi
iUp25k - outdoor
iUp25k - app on facebook


The expression "Eureka" was used by the Greek mathematician, engineer, inventor, physicist and astronomer - Archimedes. The presence of the bathtub and the crown as elements of the graphic composition, are clear references to this episode. Based on this concept, we embark on a minimalist and conceptual approach but at the same time directed to the target audience.

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